Koongdori, is a famous tourist destination located at 13 km away from Gulmarg. View from  koongdori is very  clear and treat for eyes. From Gulmarg to Koongdoor it will take 30 mints and from koongdori to frozen lake depends on if u decide to walk your journey to frozen lake it will take at least 3 hours and if you decide to use the cable car then time will be reduced as the cable car will take you to mount Affarvat from where it will take you 40-50 mints to reach Frozen lake . The Gondola occasionally travels above the clouds. This is most adventurous journey and life time experience.

A car will pick you up from your hotel or you can use ATV car in summer or snowmobile in winter and take you to koongdori through beautiful forest {you can also use the gondola }.it will take almost 10-15 mints to reach koongdori  a place Surrounded by pristine snowy mountains,  this place transports to a totally different world, million miles away from the daily drudgery and chaos of the cities. Tents will be provided by us. The views from the top of are spectacular comprising of a panoramic vista of Gulmarg and the surrounding valleys. You will enjoy the beauty of the mountains, and create wonderful memories with your loved ones. Frozen lake is one of the best attraction in Gulmarg as it is Surrounded by pristine snowy mountains and a calm, peaceful lake with a mirrored surface that reflects the majesty of the peaks and the surrounding greeneryThere are many ideal camps throughout the Kashmir to serve the needs and desires of you and your children like Frozen lake ,koongdori etc. etc. If you want to attend a sports camp or a gender-specific camp, there are many options available throughout the Kashmir.

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