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Pangong Lake

The famous and sparkling blue Pangong lake is situated in the Himalayas, approximately at the height of 4350 meters. It is 124 km long and extend from India to Tibet, where 60% of the lake lies. The lake freezes completely during winters in spite of its salinity. The lake has been a tourist attraction since a very long time and has gained further popularity after being a 'hot-spot' for many film shoots, apart from being an essential for anyone travelling to Leh.

Pangong lake is home to many migrating birds in summer and one can witness numerous ducks and gulls "surfing". Due to the briny water the lake does not support aquatic life other than some ocean bugs called crustaceans by oceanographers. Some are luck to spot a kiang which is a wild ass or a marmot a brownish rodent. There are two streams from the Indian side that form the wetlands and marshes at the edges. It is the beauty of the impeccable blue waters that embezzle the tourist's attention the most. The serenity and tranquility of this place is the tourist's paradise.

Best time to visit Pangong Lake

It is best to visit this lake in summers, precisely from the month of June to the month of September as the lake would be frozen, and in winter due to it's extreme weather and high altitude the vacation would not be as enjoyable. A visit in summer will open an avenue to witness different migratory birds and other flora fauna.

Where to Stay

If you wish to camp at the lake then tenting is the only option. Also the places to live in and around the vicinity are in Lukung which is in close proximity, has a provision of eco huts. Local households also provide accommodation and the ideal place to live is 32 km a from Pangong lake, Tangste. One can however, be based at Leh, which has numerous options for accomodation and take day trip to the lake.

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