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This activity starts from December and goes until April. A snowmobile, also known as a snowmachine, is a vehicle designed for winter travel and recreation on snow. It is designed to be operated on snow and ice and does not require a road or trail, but most are driven on open terrain or trails. Snowmobiling is a sport that many people have taken on as a serious hobby. We provide snowmobiling in winter from December to April. The opportunity to explore Gulmarg hills at your own pace, with over 50 miles of groomed trails. Snowmobiling offers an adventurous escape into the heart of Gulmarg, with miles of perfectly groomed trails and endless powder-filled bowls to explore. We at Go Gulmarg Adventures offer an array of Gulmarg Snowmobile Rentals to guests, starting from the cable car station via Koongdori, Sunshine Peak Base, Maryshoulder, Khilenmarg, Gulmarg Western Wild Forests, and Black.


1. Grand Touring Ride: In this ride, our clients can enjoy a ride from Gulmarg to Avalanche Wall Kangdoori. This ride takes approximately 1 hour and covers a distance of 14 km's in return.


2. Local Touring: In this ride, our clients can enjoy a ride from Kangdoori to Khilanmarg. This covers 3 km's in return and takes 20 minutes.


3. Make your Tour: In this ride, our clients can enjoy shorter rides in and around Kangdoori as per their wish.