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ATV Rides

There is no Ristriction or age limits when it comes to riding ATVs. Ride an ATV is all the time right for your size and age. ATVs are meant to be use off-road or on dirt road, not on paved road or highways. Being very powerful you can use ATV anywhere wheter it be hills or plain roads as well. ATV can be used in both winter and summer, You can ride on any road using this powerful vehicle...so lets get started about riding on ATV


1. ATV ride from Gulmarg to phase 1: this is a 14 km return ride in which you will start from Gulmarg and reach phase 1 during this ride you will enjoy natural beauty of Gulmarg as this ride will go through the forests which will give you an beautifull and adventurous memories. This ride will take one and a half hour and will cost 3500 per person

2. ATV ride around Gulmargthis ride will be 13 km return ride around Gulmarg.  In this ride you will enjoy various places like strawberry valley, childrens park, golf course etc. This ride will take approx 1 hour and will cost RS 2200 per person.
3. ATV ride 9 km in Gulmarg: This ride will be 9 km return ride in Gulmarg. In this ride you will enjoy places like Golf course, festival area, maharaja palace. This ride will take almost 30-40 minutes and will cost RS 1500 per person.
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