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Gulmarg is a Hub for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.Gulmarg offers great scope for summer camping amidst landscape of breathtaking and rugged beauty.Experiencing a close encounter with nature just outside your tents door sounds exciting.Gulmarg is surely a treasure trove of camps and adventure.Adorned by unreal natural creations,Gulmarg is home to countless campsites.Thats not all,Gulmarg is a paradise for adventure junkies with a plethora of thrilling activities to partake.whether you’re looking for ATV ride,Gypsy off roading ,Cycling or cable car rides, Gulmarg is an ideal destination to treat the adventurer in you.Based on what you would like, select from these camping places at Gulmarg.

KONGDOORI: It is a famous tourist destination located at 6kms away from Gulmarg.Kongdoori! With wide open skies, and scenic vistas, it is one of the famous camping places in Gulmarg.Perched at an elevation of 10,500ft.It is a magical place to pitch your tent, made all the way more spellbinding by the glittering night sky above.

ALPATHER LAKE: also known as Frozen Lake, sandwiched between mighty mountains and lush green meadows covered with wildflowers lies at the feet of the twin peaks of Apharwat, Gulmarg at an elevation of 14,700ft.from kongdoori to frozen lake depends on if u decide to walk your journey to frozen lake it will take at least 3 hours and if you decide to use the cable car then time will be reduced as the cable car will take you to mount Affarvat from where it will take you  1hour to teach Frozen lake.This is most adventurous journey and life time experience.

DRUNG-WATERFALL:A 35-minutes drive away from Gulmarg, Drung is among the top camping places to visit near Gulmarg.This off-beat and less explored campsite is perfect for those looking for an escape away from the crowd.Once you reach there, you will be mesmerised by the panoramic views of gorgeous waterfall.If you are looking for a place to enjoy camping with family and a bunch of friends, nothing can beat this epic campsite.




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